“DRIVEN” 2018

“DRIVEN” There is very little room at the top! What are you doing to get there?   “DRIVEN caters to
Peewee AA to Midget AAA players.  Participants are expected to have excellent skating skills, be able to
carry a puck with their head up under most conditions and have a strong understanding of the game.
Participants will be working on skill sets that will enable them to gain advantages over their peers and
competitors moving them closer to the elite few that can step up to the next level ready to play. Removing
time, space, increasing pressure and exposing players to extremely challenging situations  will enable the
“DRIVEN” to internalize important skills that are needed every shift.  Automating skill will enable players to
discover, implement and expand their most untapped, important and unlimited hockey center, their mind.
Maximum player on the ice will be 12. Players will register with an email for any 6 classes that they want
for $240.00.  Sessions will normally be 75min long but on occasion could be 60. Once you have paid for
and used your six sessions you can attend other sessions as a drop in 40.00 if we have room. Let us know
what drop in sessions you would want. Until the website is set up for “DRIVEN” registrations you can
indicate the 6 that you want in an email. You will get email confirmation of the sessions that you are in.
Should you not get your first choice you will have the opportunity to select sessions with room. All sessions
are at Schroh Arena in Saskatoon.
“Driven was a great program to get me ready for the high tempo speed of peewee city wide hockey. 
It helped me get into the high level condition that I needed for the upcoming season. John always had
exciting drills to challenge me every day and Brett kept me motivated with his off the chart demos.” 
(isaiha Arnold Saskatoon)
DRIVEN” (Elite peewee, bantam, midget AA-AAA) “Making the Best –Better” April 19 745-900pm 

May 5 -745-900pm, 10, 17-745-900pm, 21-10.00-11.15, 31-745-9.00 pm June 8, 15, 745-900pm,
(20, 27-845-945 pm Latrace)

July 31-630-745, August 2, 7-745-900, 8- 330-445,   9-745-900, 14-800-900pm,
16, 21, 23-615-715, 24-530-630


                                 Hooked on Hockey 2018

  20 years ago 8 families wanted their sons to skate over the summer. That was the start of Hooked on
Hockey and the over 20 different programs that Canadian Ways runs today. Hooked on Hockey remains
the best developmental program that we offer. Seeing the players weekly over a 3 month span enables
their skills and bodies to merge into one. The once a week sessions in May and June and the twice a week
sessions in August provide the participant with the equivalent of at least a year of winter hockey
development. More important is that the spread out skills sessions enable the players and families to do
what’s important and that is to play other sports and enjoy the summer.  The drills and atmosphere in
Hooked on Hockey are unique to Canadian Ways.  The program is designed to greatly enhance their skill
moving them up at least a tier without Hockey burnout. Our staff gets a chance to get to know each player,
what makes them better, what motivates them and what makes them happy. Many parents have stated
that Hooked on Hockey has increased their child’s desire to play hockey, participate in sport and lead a
healthier life style.
The on ice sessions in combination with the at home fitness program provided will be all your son and
daughters need to move them physically and mentally to the next level.
The groupings and schedule will depend on enrollment. We will likely start with a 2 group Junior-Senior
program in April – May. In general Junior would be IP to Novice and Atom tier 3. Senior would be elite
novice, Atom tier 2 and up. In August we will likely more to a 3 group Junior –Intermediate-Senior program
which groups the participants accordingly.
“DRIVEN” a program catering to ELITE AA-AAA Peewees –Midgets was added last year. This program
demands a high skill level of its participants and a desire to move to the next level. More can be found on
“Game Days” These are hour long games are scattered throughout the summer. We match lines and
change on the whistle enabling players of all levels to be challenged and contribute. The instructor on ice
encourages a high tempo- move the puck game and occasionally blows down the play to explain
positioning and utilize teachable moments.  More can be found on line.
Cost:  May June term is $325.00. August term is $325.00. The entire Hooked Session is$ 600.00.
The schedule in May and early June jumps around a bit because so much ice is used for the Quest
Program. In latter June and August the program will be stabilized to more regular times. When you can’t
make a session you are welcome to attend a different group’s time to make it up. If you can’t do a make-up
session we allow you to make up your lost session at any time during the year.
Registration can be done by mailing in a brochure, electronically on line, by printing the brochure on line
and mailing it in OR at AL ANDERSONS SOURCE FOR SPORTS In Saskatoon.   

Payment can be made by mailing a cheque to 318 Wollaston Rise, Saskatoon, SK, S7J 4G5,
E-TRANSFER to cdnways@shaw.ca  or at AL ANDERSONS SOURCE FOR SPORTS in Saskatoon
where you can pay with credit card or debit in person or over the phone 306 652-9412

A schedule is included with this memo or can be found on line at www.canadianways.com
Feel free to contact us at cdnways@shaw.ca

John Slobodzian (Canadian Ways Director)
318 Wollaston Rise, Saskatoon,  S7J4G5



 2018 Tentative “HOOKED ON HOCKEY”-

The Schedule will likely remain as is. Any changes would be emailed to Hooked on Hockey participants
and posted on the website. In May the schedule jumps around due to other Canadian Ways programing.
All sessions at Schroh Arena Saskatoon. 

Hooked on Hockey

May-June Schedule we will have a 2 group school.

Junior pre-novice and novice
        May- 2, 8,15,25,31 630-745,   June 6,13,18,25   615-730   (18th and 25th is at ACT)
Senior   Atom-peewee             
 May 3-500-615, 7-645-800, 17-615-730, 25, 28     June 5-630-745, 12-630-745   
(20, 27 730-830 both at Latrace 1)
August Schedule MOVE TO A 3 GROUP SCHOOL
  Junior (Pre-novice-most novice)             July 30 515-630, Aug 1,8,10   500-615,   
   Aug 13, 15, 20, 22 515-6.30

   Intermediate (elite novice-Atom 2)      July 31 515-615, Aug 2-615-730, 7, 9-500-615, 14-630-745,
   16-615-730, 21-630-745, 24 645-745

   Senior (Atom 1-bantam)   July 30-645-800pm, Aug 1-615-730, 8-630-745, 10-745-900, 13, 15, 20,
“DRIVEN” (Elite peewee, bantam, midget AA-AAA) “Making the Best –Better”

April 19 745-900pm  
May 5 -745-900pm, 10, 17-745-900pm, 21-10.00-11.15, 31-745-9.00 pm
June 8, 15, 745-900pm, (20, 27-845-945 pm Latrace)
July 31-630-745, August 2, 7-745-900, 8- 330-445,   9-745-900, 14-800-900pm, 16, 21, 23-615-715,
Game Days (email to confirm a space and pay 20.00 at rink)

   Game Days are high temp scrimmages. We match lines by ability and change on the whistle which
gives everyone lots of ice at a level where they can succeed. You must pre-register by signing the sheets
at Schroh or with an email. The cost is $20.00 which is paid at the rink. A list of Game Days is found below

May 7-515-615, 15-515-615

June 7-630-730, 14-630-730, 18, 25-500-600ACT,  

August 2-500-600, 7, 9, 10-630-730, 14-515-615, 16-500-600, 17, 18-245-345, 21-500-600, 23-500-600,
24-415-515, 25-1130-1230, 28-800-900pm, 30-800-900pm

September 1, 2-430-530, 8, 9-445-545

Rebates for sessions missed are good for any Canadian Ways programs with the exception of Game Days.
They are completely transferrable.

John and Brett