There is very little room at the top! What are you doing to get there? The “DRIVEN” program is new this
year. It is the ultimate on ice program to make the Best….Better!  “DRIVEN caters to Peewee AA to Midget
AAA players.  Participants are expected to have excellent skating skills, be able to carry a puck with their
head up under most conditions and have a strong understanding of the game.
Participants will be working on skill sets that will enable them to gain advantages over their peers and
competitors moving them closer to the elite few that can step up to the next level ready to play. Removing
time, space, increasing pressure and exposing players to extremely challenging situations  will enable
the “DRIVEN” to internalize important skills that are needed every shift.  Automating skill will enable
players to discover, implement and expand their most untapped, important and unlimited hockey center,
their mind.
Maximum player on the ice will be 12. Players will register on line for any 6 classes that they want for
$240.00.  Sessions will normally be 75 long but on occasion could be 60.
Once you have paid for and used your six sessions you can attend other sessions as a drop in 40.00 if
we have room. Let us know what drop in sessions you would want.
Until the website is set up for “DRIVEN” registrations you can indicate the 6 that you want in an email.
You will get email confirmation of the sessions that you are in. Should you not get your first choice you will
have the opportunity to select sessions with space.

All sessions are at Schroh Arena in Saskatoon.


1-515-630,         3, 8, 745-9.00pm,   9, 330-445,  10, 745-900pm,  15, 8.00-9.00pm ,   17,22,24, 745-900pm


    Game Days are high temp scrimmages. We match lines by ability and change on the whistle which
gives everyone lots of ice at a level where they can succeed. You must pre-register by signing the sheets
at Schroh or with an email. The cost is $20.00 which is paid at the rink. A list of Game Days is found below.

April 3 500-600, 10 645-745, 20 515-615, 27   500-600

May 12 800-915pm, 22 1230-130, 25 630-730

June 6 630-730, 7 500-600, 8 630-730, 14 500-600, 15 630-730, 16 630-730, 20 500-600
22 630-730, 27 630-730, 28 515-615, 29 630-730


1-645-745, 3-5.00-6.00 ,   8-630-730,   10-630-730,    11-630-730,  15-515-615,  17-630-730,  22-5.00-6.00,              
24-630-730,   25-700-800pm,   26-1130-1230,  27-600-700,  29-800-900pm,  31-800-900pm

September 2 430-530, 3 545-645, 9 445-545, 10 445-545



Canadian Ways Holiday School      December 27,28,29th       

                                                        Schroh Arena,   Saskatoon

The School is open to Initiation to Bantam Players.

Sessions will be offered in:
A Power Skating for Initiation to Bantam players                     3 hours         $110.00
B Puck Control for Initiation to Bantam Players                        3 hours         $110.00
C Shooting for Initiation to Bantam Players                              3 hours         $110.00
D Safety- Contact-Checking for Atom to Bantam Players        4 1/2 hours   $150.00

Camps A,B,C special : Players can take any 2 for $200.00 and any 3 for $300.00 or ALL 4 sessions
                                                                                                                                            for $400.00
Registration can be done on line or at Source for Sports (Saskatoon)
See www.canadianways.com for more details or
 Contact us at cdnways@shaw.ca  ,  306 373-2671

Schedule:  27th, 28th , 29th
 9.00-10.00   Session A       Jr Power Skating   (initiation-Jr atom)                      
10.15-11.15  Session B        Jr Puck Control ( Initiation –Jr atom)
11.30-12.30  Session C       Jr shooting      (initiation- Jr atom)  
12.45-1.45   Session A        Sr Power Skating  (Sr Atom-Bantam)
2.00-3.00     Session B        Sr Puck Control (SR Atom-Bantam)    
3.15-4.15   Session C        Sr shooting    (Sr Atom-Bantam)    
4.30-6.00     Session D           Safety –Contact-Checking   (Atom-bantam)

Register on line or at Al Andersons.Payment can be made at Al Andersons or mailed to 318 Wollsaton Rise

Saskatoon, S7J4G5.  Late registrants can pay at the rink.

A number of opportunities exist to take advantage of Canadian Ways development.

1.    Morning Power-Up- This is a 7.00am-8.00am Power-Skating before school.
We will have one Mondays at Schroh starting Oct 3rd and a separate session independent of the Monday
skate Wednesdays 7.00am-8.00am at ACT starting on Oct 4th.Starting as a mix of players of
Atoms(elite novice) and peewees we will attempt to make a younger and older player group at a later time.
Cost for the 20 session camps is $550.00 with a $15.00 Canadian Ways rebate for sessions missed.
$40.00 drop ins will be permitted if number allow.
When registering specify the Monday or Wednesday group. Some players may opt to take both. A
breakfast option will be provided if there is a demand.

2.    Winter Hooked on Hockey-These are Tuesday skates at schroh from 4.05-5.05 starting on
October 5th. These skates are more comprehensive in terms of skill development. Puck control,
battling drills, shooting………..in addition to the skating development that we always include. The cost of
the 20 session program is similar to that of the Power-Up sessions in number 1.

3.    Winter academy-These 75 min Sunday skates include more tactics and team play along with higher
end skill development. Player should be of top tier 2 or tier 1 to enter the program at their age level.
(Weaker players have the option of participating with younger aged players). The 20 session program will
start closer to November. Cost of the program is $600.00 with a $20.00 rebate for sessions missed.$45.00
drop ins will be permitted if numbers permit. This year’s program will be in Waldheim a 30 min drive from
Costco. The tentative schedule is 12.00-1.15- 09-08s, 1.30-2.45- 07s,  3.00-4.15  06 and older.
A more detailed description of all programs will be on  line soon.
•    Registration: Families can register for at Al Andersons or on line or by sending me an email.
A $200.00 deposit will hold a spot in any program with the rest being due Jan 1st. If for some reason
you need to drop out due to unforeseen commitments you will be refunded for any sessions missed less
a 5% for credit card payments.

Rebates for sessions missed are good for any Canadian Ways programs with the exception of Game Days.
They are completely transferrable.

John and Brett


                                  Hooked on Hockey 2017

For the past 20 years Hooked on Hockey has been and remains the best on ice development program for
youth. The once a week sessions in May and June and the twice a week sessions in August provide the
participant with the equivalent of at least a year of winter hockey development. More important is that the
spread out skills sessions enable the players and families to do what’s important and that is to play other
sports and enjoy the summer.  The drills and atmosphere in Hooked on Hockey are unique to Canadian
Ways.  The program is designed to greatly enhance their skill moving them up at least a tier without
Hockey burnout. Our staff gets a chance to get to know each player, what makes them better, what
motivates them and what makes them happy. Many parents have stated that Hooked on Hockey has
increased their child’s desire to play hockey, participate in sport and lead a healthier life style.
The on ice sessions in combination with the at home fitness program provided will be all your son and
daughters need to move them physically and mentally to the next level.
2017 Hooked on Hockey will start with 3 divisions. The Junior made up of initiation and most novice
players, Intermediate made up of elite novice and most atoms and Senior made up of elite atoms and
peewee-bantams. New this year is a “DRIVEN” program similar to Hooked on Hockey but catering to
ELITE AA-AAA players.
The schedule in May and early June jumps around a bit because so much ice is used for the Quest
Program. In latter June and August the program will be stabilized to more regular times. When you can’t
make a session you are welcome to attend a different group’s time to make it up.
Registration can be done by mailing in a brochure, electronically on line, by printing the brochure online
and mailing it in OR at AL ANDERSONS SOURCE FOR SPORTS In Saskatoon.  
Payment can be made by mailing a cheque to 318 Wollaston Rise, Saskatoon, SK, S7J 4G5,
E-TRANSFER to cdnways@shaw.ca  or at  AL ANDERSONS SOURCE FOR SPORTS in Saskatoon
where you can pay with credit card or debit in person or over the phone  306 652-9412
A schedule should be included with this memo or can be found on line at www.canadianways.com

Feel free to contact us at cdnways@shaw.ca


We will be going with a 3 group schedule in August.
Junior (Initiation –Tier 2-3 novice)
       July- 31-515-630
               August 2,9,11 5.00-615    ,        14,16,21,23  515-630                                                        
Intermediate (elite novice and most atoms)              
August- 1- 645-8.00pm,   3-615-730,  8,10- 5.00-615,     15,17 -630-745,      22,24-615-745                                          
Senior (elite atom and Peewee-Bantam)    
July 31 645-8.00pm
August  2-615-730,      9-630-745,      11-745-9.00pm   14,16,21,23-645-8.00
Players can make up missed sessions with other groups and Game Days

                 “Making the Best –Better”
“DRIVEN” (Elite peewee, bantam, midget AA-AAA )
August 1-515-630,         3, 8-745-9.00pm,   9-330-445,  10-745-900pm,  15-8.00-9.00pm ,   17,22,24-745-900pm

3-5.00-6.00 ,   8-630-730,   10-630-730,    11-630-730,  15-515-615,  17-630-730,  22-5.00-6.00,               24-630-730,   25-700-800pm,   26-1130-1230,  27-600-700,  29-800-900pm,  31-800-900pm

2-430-530,  3-545-645,  9-445-545,  10-445-545