Canadian Ways Saskatoon Winter Programs

We are offering the following programs this winter.

Sunday Academy in Dalmeny

Monday DRIVEN at Schroh

Tuesday Winter Hooked at Schroh

Wednesday morning Power –Up at ACT

“Driven” These are more intense skates that will find players battling and going hard in more demanding
situations. There will not be as much Instruction as a normal camp and very little rest. These skates are
intended for Skilled Atoms and up and would challenge any Midget AAA player.
The skates run 5.00-6.00 Mondays starting Oct 1 at Schroh.

“Winter Hooked” These skates will target the needs of any players on the ice. They are intended to work
on material that will solidify the player’s skill foundation and build from there. Participants will be working
on edges, balance, quick feet, agility and efficient stride. We will build towards heads up shooting, passing
and puck control. Battling, puck protection and toughening drills will always be included. The content of
this camp is solid basic fundamental Hockey.
The Skates run 4.05-5.05 Tuesdays stating Oct 2 at Schroh

“Power Up” Parents and coaches are quick to identify a Canadian Ways skater. This early morning skate
will certainly keep the players skating- heading in the right direction. With solid skating the rest of the game
easily falls into place. Open to players of all ages and abilities. We will quickly bring along first time skaters
while 40 feet away the best skaters in Saskatoon are being challenged and taught.
Power Up runs Wednesday 7.00 am stating OCT 3 at ACT and occasionally at Cosmo.

“Sunday Academy”  These skates are more demanding than Winter Hooked and involve more team
concepts as we move into the last 3 months. These skates are open to all players. There will be a junior
group consisting of 2012, 2011 and 2010 born and a Senior group of 2009-2007.
The Academy runs Sunday in later mornings or early afternoons in Dalmeny and occasionally in Waldheim
or other rinks when Dalmeny has Sunday tournaments.
The start date is Oct the 7 Junior 2.00-3.00  ,  Senior 3.15-4.15  in Dalmeny. A schedule will be sent to
interested families.

Registration : Email me with you players name and birth year and the program(s)  that you would like to
Payment: All camps run for 20 sessions with a break over Christmas and New Year’s. Schedules will be
online and as any changes come up we will email our mailing lists. Fees can be paid the following ways:
For Academy, DRIVEN and Winter Hooked
1 Full payout for a session @ 25.00 per skate      $500.00.  You can pay 250.00 now and 250.00 in
2. Drop in with registration fee: After a 60.00 registration fee ($ 40.00  in new year) each session attended
would be a $30.00 Drop in fee which is paid at the rink each time you attend.
3. Drop in without registration fee: $40.00 paid at rink.

For Power –UP
Payout @30.00 per skate 600.00
Drop in 40.00 per skate.