Scrimmage Time

Scrimmages are fun! However, am I paying for excessive scrimmage time that anyone can run outside of the hockey school setting?


Most importantly is it fun and exciting from start to finish?

Ask around, talk to people who have gone to the schools you are considering, and have a good summer!

Instruction or Hype

Am I being lured to a school by "pros" who play the game well, but know little about instruction? Am I paying for "pros" to come out and sign autographs?

What to look for in a hockey school

Different people look for different things in a hockey school. If we were sending a child to hockey school, here are some of the things we would consider:

Quality of Instructors

Are the instructors chosen for their enthusiasm, creativity and teaching ability, or are they young hockey players put on the ice to move pylons and bolster instructor/ student ratios?

Quality of Instruction

Is attention being paid to each player's progress? Do the instructors have the ability and more importantly, the desire to detect and correct to keep the players on the edge of development at all times?

Expectation for Players

Are the participants expected to be students of the game that are prompted to listen, learn and try?

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