Seal River

This Amazing River takes you on a journey you will never forget. You start the trip paddling through untouched boreal forest. Eskers, caribou migrations, wolves and seals make this a very wild unique river. You end your journey paddling through the tundra and finishing paddling with Beluga whales in the Hudson Bay. 11 - 14 days - Experienced paddlers

Foster River

The Foster is a remote rugged trip with challenging rapids and portages. Amazing wildlife and pristine wilderness makes this trip a must for the arduous adventurer. 8 - 14 days

Churchill River

Paddle the waterways and walk the trails of the voyagers. The Churchill offers an expanse of opportunity to canoeists of all levels. Calm Lakes, friends, whitewater, historic sites and unbelievable camping wait for you on what many consider to be the #1 paddling river in Canada. 5 - 12 days

Williams River

Experience the Sand dunes and the South shore of Lake Athebasca . Spectacular adventure and breath taking hikes take you through some of the most unique scenery and vegetation in North America.

Clearwater River

This pristine River is Saskatchewan's only Heritage River and rightfully so. Thundering waterfalls, beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife make up a truly unique paddling experience. 5 - 12 days

Cree River

An amazing river that is suitable for the whole family. Incredible fishing and an abundance in wildlife makes every bend in the river a new adventure. Dates - Early July Cost -

Paul River

Beautiful lakes and exciting rapids make this a great tour for beginner paddlers. If you want a low cost exciting fly in trip this is an excellent choice.

Saskatchewan River

This River offers a wide variety of experiences to the canoeist of all ages. It sings a different song as it flows from Badlands to grasslands, parkland and Boreal forest. Canoeist can select from a wide variety of duration and trips. Half days - 14 days.

Feature River :
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These trips are run on demand throughout the summer. Interested parties may contact us to gather more information about the trips and bookings.

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Canadian Ways Canoeing runs tours on demand on the Saskatchewan, Churchill, Paul, Foster, Clearwater, Williams, Cree and Seal Rivers. We will fully outfit your trip with quality gear, providing everything you need with the exception of clothing and personal effects.

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