"What types of adventures can I choose from?"

At Canadian Ways we offer several different types of excursion packages as well as custom packages designed to your specification. For more information on adventure packages offered, see our 'Choose your Adventure ' page.

"I've heard that white water stuff is exciting and lots of fun!"
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"How can I get in touch with you guys?"

Fill in the form on the ' Book an Adventure ' page, or you can phone, fax, e-mail, or write for additional information.

Silence… Balance… Peace… Yes, you can take it easy.

"What kind of food do I get?"

Good question. At Canadian Ways we recognize the importance of providing quality meals that you enjoy. Pre-trip consultations will ensure that the food we take has been chosen to suit your tastes and satisfy your appetite. We cater to any dietary requirements.

"Will I see any wildlife?"

Signs of wildlife are all around. Loons, eagles, herons, pelicans, ducks and geese are among the birds that nest in the very areas where we travel. Moose, deer, beaver and otter are among the other animals you may experience. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive wolf.

"Can anybody go?"

We can design a canoe experience for you regardless of your age, physical condition, ability or experience.

"You take care of everything?"

Yes! We are equipped to supply any gear you should require as well as all the food. Transportation can be arranged at your request.

Canadian Ways specializes in custom designed canoe excursions in Northern Saskatchewan. After discussing the type of experience you would like, we design your trip and take care of all the details.

(306) 373-2671

"What if you're the kind that just likes to take it easy?"

Imagine yourself on one of Saskatchewan's 100.000 lakes. Just you and your friends, living by nature's clock. Listen to the loon as you watch the sun go down on a long Saskatchewan summer day. Move a little closer to the glowing embers of the fire. Sit back and take in the spectacular Northern Lights as they dance across the sky.

"What will my trip cost me?"

Canoe excursions costs range from $50 to $90 per person per day, depending on the number of people and days of the trip. This cost does not include transportation or air fare to the more remote sites. Talk to us about our family rates.

You've got that right! If you're the type that is searching for a challenging adventure, paddling white water is something you've got to experience. Saskatchewan has a variety of some of the best canoeable white water in the world. Whether you are experiencing white water for the first time or you are a seasoned white water fanatic, we will provide you with a white water experience that is exciting, fun and safe.

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